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PLUS Technical Specification

The Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) is an integrated system of standards designed to simplify and facilitate image licensing. Contained on this site are technical specifications and examples relating to these standards.

IMPORTANT: Notification of Standards Revisions

The PLUS standards are periodically updated to new versions. If you are integrating the standards in applications designed to read or write PLUS metadata or to otherwise implement the PLUS standards, we strongly suggest that you register with the standards library, so that you will receive update notifications.

Linking to PLUS Tech Specifications

Note: When publishing or distributing links to these Technical Specifications, please use the URL for the PLUS Standards Library and do not distribute the URL for this page. The Standards Library requires registration, allowing PLUS to distribute notices of updates to the PLUS standards and tools.


The use of any PLUS standard or application is subject to the terms of the End User License Agreement ("EULA"), the PLUS Anti-Trust Policy, and the PLUS Intellectual Property Policy ("IP Policy"). In the event of a conflict between the EULA and the IP Policy, the IP Policy will prevail.

More Information

Developers should direct questions to info@usePLUS.org. For more information about PLUS, please visit www.useplus.org.

The PLUS Standards

PLUS Glossary of Picture Licensing

The PLUS Glossary puts into standardized language over 1000 licensing terms, definitions and uses, all mutually agreed upon by the widest and most diverse worldwide coalition of organizations and industry professionals in the history of image commerce.

PLUS License Data Format

The PLUS License Data Format is a schema defining a standardized structure for use in communicating an image license summary. It specifies and defines a series of fields used to summarize a license and provides the structure for the PLUS Universal License Statement.

PLUS Media Matrix

The PLUS Media Matrix is a controlled vocabulary organizing Media Categories, Media Types and Media options into a universal hierarchy, providing a standardized image licensing menu structure. The Media Matrix may be incorporated in applications used by image licensors and licensees in image licensing transactions. The Media Matrix may not be repackaged in applications offered for sale, lease or subscription without advance express permission from PLUS.

PLUS Packs

The PLUS Packs are standardized image license packages.


License Data Format

Media Matrix

PLUS Packs