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PLUS Pack Downloads

The below files are intended for use by application developers in integrating PLUS Packs into applications. If your organization will use PLUS Packs to license or manage images, the use of the standards is free to you, and you need not seek advance permission from PLUS. PLUS membership is not required in that instance. However, you are encouraged to join and support PLUS, so as to allow for the continued development of the standards.

If your organization will include any PLUS standard in an application that is sold or licensed to third parties, you must first contact PLUS and obtain advance permissions.

In any instance, to protect the integrity of the standards, the use of the PLUS name or logo in association with any application or interface is subject to a review of your application for compliance with the standards, and requires advance permission from PLUS.

The use of any PLUS standard or application is subject to the terms of the End User License Agreement ("EULA"), the PLUS Anti-Trust Policy, and the PLUS Intellectual Property Policy ("IP Policy"). In the event of a conflict between the EULA and the IP Policy, the IP Policy will prevail.

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