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PLUS Media Matrix: Industry Submenus

PLUS Version 1.1.1

A database organizing Media Categories, Media Types and Media options into a universal hierarchy, providing a standardized image licensing menu structure.

Submenu Description Matrix-ID
0 All Industries 8IAA
1 Not Applicable or None 8IXX
2 Any Industries 8IUL
11 Advertising and Marketing 8IAD
11 Agriculture, Farming and Horticulture 8IAG
11 Airline Transportation 8IAT
11 Alcohol 8IAL
11 Architecture and Engineering 8IAR
11 Arts and Entertainment 8IAE
11 Automotive 8IAU
11 Aviation 8IAV
11 Baby and Childcare 8IBA
11 Beauty and Personal Care 8IBE
11 Biotechnology 8IBI
11 Broadcast Media 8IBR
11 Business Consulting and Services 8ICO
11 Chemicals 8ICH
11 Communications Equipment and Services 8ICE
11 Computer Hardware, Software and Peripherals 8IHS
11 Construction and Contracting 8ICC
11 Consumer Appliances and Electronics 8IAP
11 Counseling 8ICG
11 Ecology, Environmental and Conservation 8IEC
11 Education 8IED
11 Employment Training and Recruitment 8IEM
11 Energy, Utilities and Fuel 8IEN
11 Events and Conventions 8IEV
11 Fashion 8IFA
11 Financial Services and Banking 8IFI
11 Food and Beverage Processing 8IFB
11 Food and Beverage Retail 8IFL
11 Food Services 8IFS
11 Forestry and Wood Products 8IFO
11 Freight and Warehousing 8IFR
11 Furniture 8IFU
11 Games, Toys and Hobbies 8IGA
11 Gaming Industry 8IGI
11 Gardening and Landscaping 8IGL
11 Government and Politics 8IGO
11 Graphic Design 8IGR
11 Greeting Card 8IGC
11 Heavy Industry 8IHI
11 Home Improvement 8IHO
11 Hotels and Hospitality 8IHH
11 Household Appliances 8IHA
11 Household Cleaning Products 8IHC
11 Industry and Manufacturing 8IIM
11 Information Technologies 8IIT
11 Insurance 8IIN
11 Internet Services 8IIS
11 Legal Services 8ILS
11 Medical and Healthcare 8IME
11 Microelectronics and Semiconductors 8IMS
11 Military and Weapons 8IMW
11 Mining and Metals 8IMM
11 Music 8IMU
11 Not For Profit, Social, Charitable 8INP
11 Office Products 8IOP
11 Oil and Gas 8IOG
11 Other Industry 8IOI
11 Personal Use Only 8IPO
11 Pet Products and Services 8IPP
11 Pharmaceuticals and Supplements 8IPS
11 Printing and Reprographics 8IPT
11 Public Relations 8IPR
11 Publishing Media 8IPM
11 Real Estate 8IRE
11 Religion and Religious Services 8IRR
11 Retail Sales and Marketing 8ISM
11 Retail Merchandise 8IRM
11 Safety and Security 8ISS
11 Sciences 8ISC
11 Shipping 8ISH
11 Software 8ISO
11 Sports, Fitness and Recreation 8ISF
11 Telecommunications 8ITE
11 Textiles and Apparel 8ITX
11 Tobacco 8ITB
11 Travel and Tourism 8ITR