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PLUS Media Matrix: Quantity / Submenu 21

PLUS Version 1.1.1

A database organizing Media Categories, Media Types and Media options into a universal hierarchy, providing a standardized image licensing menu structure.

Description Matrix-ID
One Display 6QDI
Up To 5 Displays 6QDY
Up To 10 Displays 6QFJ
Up To 25 Displays 6QEL
Up To 50 Displays 6QBD
Up To 100 Displays 6QAE
Up To 250 Displays 6QCE
Up To 500 Displays 6QAP
Up To 1,000 Displays 6QBY
Up To 2,500 Displays 6QBC
Up To 5,000 Displays 6QET
Up To 10,000 Displays 6QFF
Up To 25,000 Displays 6QDS
Up To 50,000 Displays 6QES
Up To 100,000 Displays 6QDZ
Up To 250,000 Displays 6QBW
Up To 500,000 Displays 6QAX
Up To 1 Million Displays 6QDB
Up To 2 Million Displays 6QEK
Up To 3 Million Displays 6QFA
Up To 5 Million Displays 6QCJ
Any Quantity Of Displays 6QFQ